An experienced organization to provide representation, administration, supervision and consulting services for Airlines and Passengers.

AVIASE is founded in Sweden by experienced Aviation proffesionals to provide various services to Airlines and Passengers.

Creating seamless travel experience for passengers starts and ends at the airport. We are there for your organization to provide safe, secure and punctional services while reducing your operational costs in Sweden.

Our experienced team with a demonstrated history of working in the airlines/aviation industry ready to help Airlines for a cost effective and optimized airport services and seemless travel experience to Passengers. 




Controlling, Supervising and Assisting; Check In, Boarding, Ground Ops, Baggage Services.

Reporting  all activities to Airline HQ's and implementing all instructions on site on behalf of Airlines. Instant contact to Airlines' OCC and Dispatch Offices to coordinate CTOT's.

Managing and reporting all kind of flight irregularities such as delayed, cancelled and/or AOG situations.

Arranging all necessary services to passengers and flight crew according to aviation and airlines regulations/manuals.


We represent manufacturers from all around the world who wants to test their products for the recognized sertification processes such as EASA and FAA.

As a passenger you are most welcome to contact us for assistance if you stuck because of flight disruptions (cancellations, long delays, overbooked flights, etc.)

We help you to find earliest flight to reach your destination safe and stressfree.

We provide quick arrangement for hotel accomodation and transportation from/to hotel/airport. You do not wait long times in the queue, just let us know your situation. We make necessary arrangements shortly and come back to you with all information about your travel.